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Do I need to Retrofit My Home?

Do I need to retrofit my home?

Preparing your home from earthquake now is very important. There are certain ways to know if your home is in need of seismic retrofit. One way is to ask yourself 5 questions that are listed below, if your answer is yes to any of the questions, then you should consider retrofitting your home.

1- Was it built prior to 1985? 
Homes built prior to 1985 are typically more vulnerable to earthquake damages.

2- Is it built on a raised foundation?
Homes that are not built on concrete slab. they typically have crawl space.

3- Is it built on a hillside ? 
Built on hillside have usually raised foundation meaning posts and cripple walls are built at different heights.

4- Is it in an area prone to earthquakes?
You can find that out by calling your local building department.

5- Do I have a garage?
The narrow walls on either side of the walls on either side of the garage door must be carefully designed to resist earthquake forces, if there is a living space above it. Because these rooms add weight that garage must support.